Am Samstag is a rock band formed in September 2018. Drawing on influences from the bands that gave birth to the grunge
movement in the early 90’s, the trio wishes to prove that grunge is not dead, it was just asleep for a while.

In only 6 months of existence, the band composed, recorded and released a 4-tracks EP, which has been produced and mixed by Jack Endino in Seattle.

1” was well received by the critics worldwide, who compared Am Samstag to bands like Nirvana or yet L7. Released in February of 2019 this EP kicks off The First Tour, with shows in the US, UK, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Composed of broken vocals, distorted guitars, muddy-fuzzy bass lines and aggressive drums, the band’s first EP is a travel to Seattle.

am Samstag – 2019